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Westridge Elementary School

Last modified: September 1, 2023

Emergency Information

The information in this document outlines the procedures which will be used should an emergency occur while school is in session. You should retain this information for future reference.

During any emergency, students will be kept with their class and teacher. No child will be released until a parent or a preauthorized adult comes to pick him/her up. The adult is required to sign for each student. It is very important that you provide the school with any change of contact information.


Students will be evacuated to the assembly area in back of the school


Students will be instructed to take cover, DROP-COVER-HOLD under a desk, table or bench, avoiding windows, bookcases, hanging fixtures or outside walls.

Lockdown (imminent threat in or around building)

  • Students will be directed to classrooms
  • Doors will be locked
  • Lights turned off, black shade on window dropped
  • Students will take cover in a corner away from doors and windows
  • No one allowed outside classroom until all-clear announcement made

RECESS – if situation is inside the school, all students will be escorted to the church parking lot to the west. If situation is outside the building, all students enter the closest door and are admitted into the first classroom.

Lockdown (possible danger in neighborhood)

  • Students will be directed into classrooms
  • Doors will be locked
  • Classwork will resume
  • No one allowed outside classroom until all-clear announcement made