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Westridge Elementary School

Last modified: July 2, 2019

Classroom Policies


It’s important for students to be well hydrated; a thirsty student is a distracted student. But leaving the classroom multiple times a day to go to the water fountain chips away at educational time. Thus, every student is encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. Water is the only liquid allowed in class.

Missing Assignments/Late Work

Students will fill out a missing assignment form every time they do not have their homework. On the form they will detail what the work is and why it is missing. They are expected to turn in the work as soon as possible. Late work creates a lot of extra work for me. If it is missing a name, due date, or the name of the assignment, it will be returned to the student.


Math homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, unless there was a test. Independent work (spelling, journal, handwriting, logic puzzles, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, etc.) will be assigned every day. Students will be given an hour in class to complete the work. The majority of students that stay on task the whole hour are able to complete the work in this time. If it is not completed in class it becomes homework and should be completed that night.


Students are invited to celebrate their birthdays with the class. A simple treat may be shared if you so choose. I encourage you to send something healthy or something besides food.

Students with summer birthdays may choose to celebrate with the class on a date of your choosing. The student should talk to me about it a few days in advance.


Toys are not allowed in class. Electronic games are not to be brought to school.

Cell Phones

The only cell phone students may have in school are cell phones that are turned completely off and are left in backpacks. If a student carries a cell phone or if it goes off in class, it will be given to the front office for a parent/guardian to pick up.

Accountability Page/ Homework Folder

All students have a Homework Folder with a weekly Accountability Page.  They are an excellent source of Information and an opportunity for communication between home and school.  As a 6th grade community, we have agreed upon some expectations for use of the Accountability Sheet:

  • Students will write, in pencil, about what they study in every subject. This will include homework assignments they are given.
  • The Accountability Sheet/ Homework Folder will be taken to every class, home each night, and back to school in the morning.
  • Parents will see the Accountability Sheet every day and sign or initial the planner to acknowledge they have read the information and any notes from the teachers.


School progress is a result of regular attendance at school.  Frequent absences tend to disrupt the learning progress of the student.  Where we do many activities as a class or in groups, it is almost impossible to make up the work. If a student is going to be out of school for an extended time, please let me know so special arrangements can be made with the student.  Students are expected to be on time and prepared.