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Last modified: July 23, 2020

Social Studies

Ancient Cultures


Ancient China

Ancient Egypt

  • Egyptian Gods
  • Egypt – BBC
  • Egypt – British Museum
  • Pyramid exploration
  • BBC Pyramid Challenge
  • Ancient Book Activities

Ancient Greece

  • Greece – British Museum
  • Greece – BBC
  • Greece – Kidskonnect
  • Olympics
  • Alphabet

Ancient Rome

  • Rome – BBC
  • Rome – Kidskonnect
  • Pompeii
  • Pompeii video

Amazing Race Link

Middle Ages- Middle Ages project (at home)

The students will be giving a 3 minute presentation on a Medieval topic of their choosing.


King John and the Magna Carta – Using the link below, read about King John & the Magna Carta. Then write at least a FAT paragraph 9-11 sentences describing what the Magna Carta is and why it is important.

What was the Renaissance?

Leonardo Da Vinci book


Revolutions Intro

Read the two articles found below. Then on a piece of paper, answer the questions found at the end of the article. Then create a Main Idea Web for each article. Each web must have at least 6 circles of information with at least 2 sentences a piece inside each circle.

World War 1

Between World Wars

World War 2

Timeline of events

Using the websites below and the ReadWriteThink timeline format create a timeline of events of World War 2. When you are done, please print it out, staple the pages together and turn it into the inbox.


  • The names of you and your desk partner.
  • The timeline should represent the years: 1939 – 1945
  • Must have at least 6 events from each year. (For a total of at least 36 events) Make sure all events you have listed are in order.
  • In each year, you must include some events that happened in Europe and in the Pacific.
  • On the timeline, give the event a name. Identify the date and year this occurred. Then in the description box below the event name, describe what happened during the event. Do not copy and paste from any website. Use your own words.


Comparison of Leadership Styles

Choose 2 of the 4 leaders listed below, then create a Venn diagram showing similarities and differences in their leadership styles.  Make sure the Venn diagram is detailed and has 8-10 specific details about the leaders.  Use the websites below for information about each leader.