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It is hard to believe that we have only six weeks left of school.  The last six weeks of school mean that it is End of Level testing time.  Please take some time to review the Standards Report that we sent home and work with your children on those areas showing below grade level.  Any extra help you can provide will help your child feel more confident about End of Level testing.

The school district sent out the following information concerning the mask mandate.

“As you are most likely aware, House Bill 294 was passed in conjunction with the Utah Department of Health, which effectively ended the statewide mask mandate on April 10.  However, House Bill 294 also states that the K-12 school mask requirement does not end until June 15.  Therefore, all schools throughout Utah are required to continue the expectation that masks be worn by order of the Governor’s office and the Utah Department of Health.

We recognize that there are differing opinions about masks. We are sympathetic to those opinions, but a school district has no legal authority to alter the mask expectation before June 15. The Board, the Superintendent, a principal, or classroom teachers are not able to adjust or end the expectation of wearing masks.

As a reminder, quarantine guidelines are affected by wearing masks. Mask to mask exposure does not require a student or employee to quarantine. Exposure without a mask requires individuals to follow the quarantine guidelines set forth by the Health Department. Also, the Health Department has expressed concern about the B117 variant of COVID-19. Wearing masks is shown to help prevent the spread of this and other variants.

Thank you to everyone for working cooperatively during this school year to allow schools to remain open and in-person. We ask for your continued support in following the state guidelines for the remainder of this school year.”

Based on this information, we will finish the last six weeks of school wearing masks. Please ensure that your children continue to bring a clean mask to school each day.

I cannot thank you enough for your support this year.  I know this has been a crazy year for everyone, but your patience and positivity are appreciated!  THANK YOU!


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