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Westridge Elementary School

Last modified: January 25, 2019

School Profile

Westridge Mission Statement

Every student enjoys schools, engages in learning, and achieves high levels of success!

Westridge STEM Mission Statement

Using reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, students will learn about science, technology, engineering, and math to prepare them with 21st century skills and knowledge!

Westridge Vision Statement

In order to reach our fundamental purpose of helping our students enjoy school, engage in learning, and achieve high levels of success, we are dedicated to creating a school in which…

Westridge History

Westridge Elementary, located on Grandview Hill in Provo, is a school where children are treasured. They come to learn, succeed, grow and become the best they can be!

Westridge opened its doors in 1980 as the first year-round school in Utah. Although no longer year-round, the school has continued a tradition of innovation and academic excellence in a nurturing and caring environment. We have a superb staff who work diligently to make Westridge an ideal environment for learning and growth! We welcome all students, parents, visitors and volunteers!

Westridge Expectations