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Last modified: August 15, 2021


Narratives: Term 1

September Writing

Narrative Options

Using the Narrative Options #1 writing page, the students will choose 2 assignments.

Skill: Overused Words – (list found here)

Students must find and replace 12 overused words with another word.

First writing assignment is due:

Second writing assignment is due:

Grading Standards for Each Assignment:

  • Brainstorming: 5 points
  • Rough Draft: 10 points
  • Revising/Editing: 10 points (Editing page found here)
  • Skill: 5 points
  • Final Draft: 20 points

October Writing

Suspense Story

We are currently writing suspense stories. What is a suspense story? Read the information page found here.

The requirements and grading rubric for this assignment can be found here.

3 Suspense Story Graphic Organizers

Skill: Overused Words – (list found here)

Suspense Stories are due:

Term 2: Compare & Contrast (5 paragraph essay format)

Topics found here

Grading Standards for Each Assignment:

Important: ALL 5 items must be turned in together for credit.

  • Compare & Contrast Essay #1 Due:
  • Compare & Contrast Essay #2 Due:
  • Websites for Compare & Contrast topics:

Argumentative: Term 3

Grading Standards for Each Assignment:

Important: ALL 5 items must be turned in together for credit.

Argumentative Essay #1 Due:

Topic 1: Banning junk food in schools?

Topic 2: School Uniforms

Inner & Outer Planets writing

Are you ready to print/publish your writing?

  • Has your essay earned 4’s in all five areas in Utah Compose?
  • Does your essay meet all the requirements from the rubric Mrs. Stott gave you?
  • Are you happy with your essay and ready for others to read it?
    • If your answers to these questions are all “Yes” you are ready print and publish your writing.

Follow these steps to print

  1. Copy your essay from Utah Compose
  2. Open a new document in Drive
  3. Paste your narrative into the new document.
  4. Change the name of the document to “last name, first name, Name of Essay”
    • For example: Jackman, John, Halloween Narrative
  5. Edit the paper to make sure it looks how you want it to look, such as spacing and paragraph indentations. Also make sure it has a title which is at the top of the paper, in a larger font, and centered on the paper.
  6. Share the document with Mr. Jackman

Typing Practice