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Westridge Elementary School

Last week, our fourth graders took a field trip down to BYU to watch the BYU gymnastic’s team compete in their meet. They had a great time! Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who went and helped!

Excursión de gimnasia BYU

La semana pasada, nuestros alumnos de cuarto grado fueron de excursión a BYU para ver competir al equipo de gimnasia de BYU. ¡Lo pasaron muy bien! Gracias a odos los padres voluntarios que fueron y ayudaron.

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Today, Mrs. Koford's class for STEAM Friday used their Chromebooks to code little robot balls to move around the room. It was a great learning...

Last night was our Wildcat Celebrate the Arts Night! Students had their artwork displayed on the walls of the school for visitors to come through and see. Thank you to our art teacher Mr. Averett for...

Our first graders went on an awesome field trip this week up to the Aquarium! They had a blast looking at all of the sea creatures and learning about the different animals. Thank you to all of the...