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Hello Westridge Parents,

This year we are focusing on three values that we hope you will reinforce with your children.  During the first week of school, we talked about our Wildcat Values and then taught our students our Wildcat Cheer, which we hope will help the students remember and emulate our values.  Our Wildcat Values are as follows:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.

Your children have learned that Respect means that we treat other people well.  We consider other people’s feelings.  We accept “no” for an answer.  We empathize with others, and we follow the rules.

You are Responsible when you take care of something or someone.  As a result, people can rely on you.  You follow through on what you say you will do.  You do your chores or jobs, and people trust you.

Students that are Safe walk at all times and in all areas when they are at school.  They follow adult directions.  They stay in their assigned areas and keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.   Safe students also report problems.

We want our students to be successful in school and in life.  By following the Wildcat Values, we know that our students will achieve great things this year.  In addition, we understand that these values will make our school, our homes, our community, and our world a better place for everyone!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!  They make each day enjoyable!